Property Description

Through our latest investment offering, MaverickE 1 Bedroom Apartment , 234Property is allowing YOU to gain access to the Lagos property market.

MaverickE 1 Bedroom Apartment was designed to offer young professionals the convenience and luxury of living close to work and is redefining the urban living landscape by providing residents with a host of amenities that compliments their lifestyle.

The development is designed as an apartment that services both short and long stay residents. MaverickE 1 Bedroom Apartment gives residents access to a new way of living at affordable prices. The apartment comes with a concierge service and furniture option.

It is a highly sought after investment that appeals to a multitude of residents because of its location, amenities and most importantly price range. It is truly a development that echoes the culture and vibe that the Africa's leading business and commerce hub has to offer.


- On-site security
- Pet-friendly
- Energy-efficient & water-wise fittings
- Generator for common property
- High-speed internet connectivity
- Close to multiple bus routes
- Walking distance to the mall

Number Of Bedrooms


Area of property (m²)


Property Type

Development Property

Investment Strategy

234Property has to acquired a 1 Bedroom Apartmentt off Orchid Hotel road, Lekki, Lagos under a 5-year investment term.

The reason for this is to allow our investors to benefit from the profitability of the short term apartments but also the stability of the long term apartment. This 1 bedroom apartment will generate rental income when it is occupied and therefore has the potential to earn more than a long term apartment. In contrast, a long term apartment will have a dedicated tenant that will generate rental income consistently. 234Property has decided to offer our investors a mix of both type of apartments in order to achieve a higher return on their investment but also lower their overall risk.

The l1 bedroom apartment is unique as it boasts lifestyle amenities that is unmatched in the area. For this reason and the fact that 234Property is purchasing this unit at below market value, 234Property anticipates a significant amount of capital appreciation over the investment term. Rentals of the apartment is considered affordable when compared to other apartments options in the area and with it's top lifestyle amenities, tenants will prefer this over other buildings in the area.

The apartment will be rented out short term or long term upon completion of investment funding and you will receive rental income in the form of dividends for a 5-year period. After which, a vote will be taken to determine if investors want to sell or continue with the investment for a longer time period.

Estimated Property Market Value


Equity of property on offer (%)


Occupied by Tenant

Tenanted upon investment completion

Rental Income Distributed


Property Investment Report
Total Funding Required


Investment Cost Per Unit


Number of units to be purchased


Description Of Units

1 x One Bedroom Apartment

Gross Rental Yield


Net Rental Yield


Annual Capital Appreciation


Total Annual Return


Investment Term

5 years

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